Treat Insect Bites Naturally

Insect bites can be a menace to deal with especially if you are outdoors. Although prevention is better than cure; in this case which would mean avoiding getting bitten by insects in the first place, sometimes bad luck catches on to us in the form of an annoying bee sting while trekking a mountain or a spider bite while cleaning the basement.

Most of the time the swelling is less of a problem compared to the skin agitation experienced by the victim. The itching caused by a simple mosquito bite or a termite attack can make it difficult to sit still. At that point a quick fix is essential to provide instant relief. Although there are numerous chemicals available in the market that are suggested for topical application to these bites, most of these are inorganic containing toxic substances which can be deadly if ingested by mistake or accidentally applied to an open wound.

Advantage of using natural remedies to treat insect bites:

Easily available at home

Being bitten by mosquitoes and stung by bees are everyday phenomena for most people. Therefore, applying vinegar soaked in cotton on the area is an easy and effective way to relieve oneself of the itchiness caused by such bites and stings.

Other commonly used products to treat insect bites that are easily found in one’s home include lime juice and ice, both of which reduce swelling and itchiness.

No cost of procurement

While it may cost you a couple of dollars to buy the anti-drug for bug toxins that help in cases of mosquito and spider bites and bee stings, it doesn’t cost anything to use lime, vinegar or tea tree oil; products that are probably at one’s disposal at home on a daily basis.

No side effects of application

The biggest advantage of using natural remedies for insect bites is that it hardly has side effects, unless you are allergic to any of the natural ingredients mentioned above.

Quick relief

Since these solutions are natural, they act as symptomatic treatments to the insect bite providing instant relief in most cases.