Exercise to cure insomnia

exercise to cure insomniaThere have been nights when I have woken up and felt completely paralyzed. As if someone was holding me down and choking me to death. It left me an insomniac for months till I finally got to know about sleep paralysis, which occurs when the body shuts down to sleep with the mind still aware and awake. Simple when written, but the feeling when it happens is that of panic and the surety of death. Insomnia wasn’t doing any good either- weight gain, poor skin condition and rapidly depleting sense of awareness (attention deficit). That’s when I found out the simplest way to put myself to sleep every night.

Exercise. It was the answer to all the troubles.

After hours of work on a desk and a fatigued mind, most people believe that exercise will make it worse, but it actually recharges your body by generating in adrenalin into your blood stream and detoxifying your body. If it reads too technical, just understand that exercise is a way to wake your muscles up after sitting stagnant for 8 hours. A great diet with lots of fruits also helped. After 8 hours of work, 2 hours of exercise and a diet that had no real “wake-up” food like coffee and fried snacks, I could sleep a peaceful sleep.

For long term insomniacs, yoga helps too. It calms the mind and removes stress and anxiety which are major reasons for the disease. Insomnia is a cause for a lot of other diseases as well. So while you are worried about everything else, probably the only thing the body needs is a long sleep. People, who are going through a rough phase in life, should take professional help to soothe themselves mentally. It helps remove the unnecessary tension that leads to insomnia.

There are a lot of sleeping medicines, herbal teas and pills that advertise that they help people sleep, but they all have the tendency to make the person an addict. If you want a permanent solution to insomnia, exercise. A good exercise and a disciplined lifestyle promote health and will help you sleep after a long day of hard work.