Natural Tips to Beat Insomnia

Sleep is an important part of one’s life and should not be ignored if one is experiencing trouble getting enough of it. Usually seven hours of sleep everyday is enough to keep the brain rested in order to take on a new day. However, some people sleep less or more than that depending on their lifestyle, age or any pre-existing health condition.

More and more young people (between the ages of 16 and 36) are complaining of lack of sleep in their daily lives, which are in turn affecting their health, work and personal life. There maybe deep-seated underlying issues causing such sleep deprivation, which need to be addressed immediately, or it may be a sudden change in lifestyle, habit or health.

Simple daily tips to bring your sleep back:

Do not indulge in any sort of physically exerting activity at least three hours prior to going to bed. The adrenaline rush in the body can keep one awake at night if he indulges in physical activities too close to his sleeping time.

Caffeine and alcohol can both be deterrents to sleep. Although many people have a habit of taking a glass of red wine with their dinner and have no trouble falling off to sleep after that, if you suffer form insomnia already, it is best to not drink before going to bed. Caffeine helps keep you awake at night. Therefore, if you are getting less sleep then stay away from products containing this element.

Lack of exercise is a big cause of sleeplessness. Our body needs to burn the calories that we consume on a daily basis. A decadent lifestyle can lead to insomnia unless it is countered with regular exercise.

Aromatherapy helps many people suffering from insomnia to get their sleep back. However, you must ensure that the oils or incents used for this are appropriate for the cause.

Chamomile and green tea drunk before going to bed is known to bring sleep to those having trouble with insomnia.

There are yogasans designed specially to induce sleep for those suffering from insomnia.