Easy to Follow Natural Remedies to Get Relief from Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a serious health problem which affects the bronchial tubes. Those suffering from chronic or acute bronchitis face problems breathing, irritation and pain of the throat and cough with sputum production in it.

Although chronic bronchitis can be a long term health problem, there are natural ways of relief and improvement that avoid heavy pharmaceutical drugs.

What you should do to if you have bronchitis

One of the main reasons for bronchitis is smoking. If you are a smoker and your family has a history of bronchitis problems, then you must stop immediately before you are affected by it as well. Chances are that you already suffer from bronchial problems but you haven’t realized it yet.

Those who have a habit of suffering from allergic cough and cold should stay away from polluted environment whether it involves car fumes or even kitchen fumes. Breathing in clean air is the first step towards preventing or even treating bronchial problems.

Natural medicine to treat bronchitis

Drinking warm water with a tablespoon or honey mixed in with a squeeze of lime juice and ginger can do wonders to the bronchial tubes that have inflamed causing bronchitis. Not only will this reduce the inflammation it will also make you feel better instantly. Honey is also a great way to lose weight. Therefore, drinking this concoction is a good habit.

Tea made from slippery elm helps in relieving distress caused due to bronchial problems because of the gel-like element called mucilage that it contains. This element is responsible for providing relief to the throat.

Steam inhalation is another very helpful method of relieving bronchial stress. The best way to do this is to take boiling water in a bucket and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil. Cover your head with a towel and take in deep breaths from the nose and leave it from the mouth and do the alternate as well. The eucalyptus oil fumes act as anti-viral and anti-bacterial, thus relieving sore throat and blocked nose.

You can chew on a clove of garlic every morning before eating anything. This also adds warmth to the throat and is very good for bronchial patients.