Natural Remedies to Cure Heart Diseases without Prescription Drugs

Heart problems can culminate into serious ailments if not arrested at their initial stages with proper diagnosis and treatment. Most of the heart related illnesses are a result of bad lifestyle and food habits. Therefore, instead of depending on cholesterol medication and other prescription drugs which may or may not solve your problem and even have negative side effects from prolonged usage, it is best to adopt some simple changes to your daily habits and experience the improvements in no time.

Cholesterol and trans-fat effects on the heart

Although everyone makes a big deal about cholesterol levels in the body, without it we would literally turn to water at the slightest pressure. It is essential for cholesterol components to stick to the cell walls of our body. However, trans-fatty acids are not as useful as cholesterol and although their composition is similar to cholesterol, they are less malleable. They sometimes mistakenly attach themselves to the walls of the cells in our body, preventing useful elements such as large oxygen elements and insulin from entering the cells. This may lead to hypertension and Type II diabetes.

Although butter is known to increase cholesterol levels in the body, it is better to have butter than margarine which has a higher content of trans-fatty elements. Other food elements that contain trans-fats result in lowering the HDL which is good fat and lipid in the blood and raining LDL (the bad counterpart). The combined effect increases cholesterol level doubly, thus making things dangerous for hypertension patients.

Benefits of cayenne pepper

Include cayenne pepper in controlled amounts into at least one meal of your day. This improves blood circulation to the veins and capillaries. Despite its hot quotient, this pepper is known to improve stomach ulcers by encouraging the cells in the stomach walls to rebuild themselves.

Alcohol and cigarettes for hypertension patients

Cigarettes inhibit blood circulation in general, which can have worse effects on hypertension patients. Alcohol also reduces blood pressure, which can lead to stroke or heart attack in those suffering from hypotension. Therefore, those who have a weak heart should stay away from alcohol and both first and second hand smoke.