Natural Remedies to Reduce Bad Cholesterol in Your Body

Fluctuations in cholesterol levels can lead to serious health complications including the failure of one or more important organs such as the liver and kidney as well as increased chances of heart diseases. There are two kinds of cholesterol, namely: low density lipoprotein (LDL) and high density lipoprotein (HDL). The former is bad for the body and the latter is good. Therefore, one must keep regular check of the LDL and HDL in the blood and take proactive steps to bring both levels back to normal in case of fluctuations.

  • Alcohol and its effects

Most people think that restricting alcohol to maintain stable cholesterol levels is a myth because alcohol does not affect the LDLs directly. In fact it raises the level of HDL in the blood. However, it also affects the liver and kidney if consumed in excess and thus can prove to be harmful for those who have already high levels of LDL in their body.

  • Why smoking hampers maintaining cholesterol levels

Smoking reduces blood circulation in the body which also inhibits the process of carrying fresh oxygen to the heart. This can have dangerous effects for those with high levels of bad cholesterol in their body that have already affected the arteries.

  • Food habits

Eating red meat such as lamb, pork and beef can wreck havoc to cholesterol levels in those who have high LDLs. The high levels of uric acid contained in such protein rich diet does not make matters easier either. Therefore, sticking to white and lean meat with minimum fat such as turkey, fish and chicken is a better option.

One can also restrict his or her consumption of milk and milk products by replacing it with soy products which are known to help situations of high LDL.

Oat bran is known to absorb cholesterol in the blood if consumed regularly.

Onion juice is a tonic that cleanses the blood, whereas ginger and garlic thin the blood; both are good for those who have high levels of LDL in their body.

  • Exercise

Yoga and cardio vascular exercise can help control cholesterol levels and improve blood circulation to a large extent.

  • Natural Remedies

    You will find that you can control your weight and with that you will be able to increase your good cholesterol, but you will also be able to decrease the cholesterol. You may also want to take some fiber supplements so that you can keep your cholesterol levels just right and you’ll be able to dispose the bad cholesterol before it enters your blood stream. There are some many things that you can do to keep your cholesterol under control, but you will want to consult your doctor about what is best for you