Treat Cholesterol the Natural Way to Lead a Pill Free Life

Cholesterol is bad for health because it is a lipid which in excess amounts enters the blood stream and starts blocking arteries which can lead to cardiac arrests. When we are young our body works more actively in using up the energy we consume in the form of our daily food intake. However, the older we grow the less likely our body is to burn all the energy or calories we consume. This means that we consume more energy than our body needs.

Cholesterol is not a bad thing in our body. In fact our liver produces large amounts of good cholesterol which is needed for normal functioning of the body. But when our liver starts failing in its functions, the level of cholesterol in our blood increases rapidly causing other complications. There are pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to those who have a high LDL cholesterol level which also helps in raining HDL cholesterol in our body. All you need to know is that LDL cholesterol is the bad one and HDL cholesterol is the good one.

Natural cholesterol controlling options:

Cut down on red meat and other protein rich food. This also includes the yellow in the eggs. However, if your cholesterol is not sky high you can do with restricting your egg intake to once a week or so. Stick to lean meat such as chicken and fish.

Include a lot of fiber in your daily diet which will help absorb the excess cholesterol in your blood. This includes whole wheat cereal and grains as well as oatmeal. Oatmeal taken for breakfast everyday not only reduces cholesterol levels but it also improves one’s digestive system.

Studies that are geared towards controlling cholesterol levels in individuals have shown that raising the daily fruit and vegetable intake by one serving has had significant results in lowering them.

Control the intake of simple sugar if you want to control cholesterol levels in your blood.

Nothing beats the good old workout routine that not only helps one keep in shape but also burns excess cholesterol in the body. Cardiovascular exercise is the best form of exercise for those suffering from high cholesterol.