Natural Cure Tips for the Common Cold and Flu

Every now and then you feel that sniffle in your nose and the tickle in your throat and sigh to yourself resignedly for having to spend the rest of the day with a tissue in hand. The common cold and flu is too common for our liking and attacks most of us without much notice. Although there are plenty of pharmaceutical drugs available at the counter that relieve you of the symptoms of cold and cough, they are mainly symptomatic and don’t treat the actual virus.

One of the main reasons why natural remedies are better for treating a common cold or a sneezing fit is that they are more effective in treating the cause and don’t leave antibodies in your system, unlike the pills you take.


Home remedies to treat cold and flu:

Drink warm things all through the day to relieve the tissues and membranes in your throat and nasal cavity of the agitation caused by the virus. Mix basil leaves, honey and a few drops of lime juice into hot water and sip it three to four times a day. You can use mild herbal tea instead of water for this purpose.

Steam inhalation helps ease the nasal cavity and helps melt the mucous in your head and lungs. Try and add a few drops of eucalyptus or menthol capsules to the water. This will  not only open your air passages but also soothe the skin which may feel irritated after all the rubbing.

Gargling with warm salt water can also soothe the irritated throat. Do this as many times a day as you can along with the steam inhalation. For additional comfort you may also go for some steam baths and sponge yourself while sitting in it.

Keep an additional pillow under your head to add some angle to your spine. This helps in keeping the breathing passage open during sleep and prevents discomfort.

Most importantly, you must allow the mucous to come out of your system. Therefore, blow your nose intermittently by blocking one side of the nose and forcing air out of the other gently to protect your eardrums. Spit out the mucous from your mouth every time you cough.