Happy Foods To Fight Depression

There are foods that taste nice and then there are foods that make you feel nice. Most often than not, we prefer the foods that taste nice without considering if it is good for us or not. The simplest example here is sweets and fried food. Even if you love them, you will agree that they make you feel sloppy and lazy after consumption and that is because they are not feel-good foods. They are not foods that are good for your body- the sensation is restricted to the taste buds alone.

Here are a few “happy foods” that are not only good for your body and system, but help in improving your psychological health and happiness quotient. These are cures for depression, but making them a regular part of your diet helps in building a better and healthier life which is an integral part of happiness.

  • Fruits. It’s no secret that fruits are good for your health. If you are a sweet tooth, try and replace your cake with a sweet fruit, which will add to your health quotient as well.
  1. Bananas: Bananas are a great source of magnesium, the lack of which is often related to depression. Bananas are known to reduce anxiety and help give people a good night sleep after a stressful day.
  2. Orange. The lack of noradrenaline is often connected to irritability and dejectedness. Vitamin C, which is plentiful in oranges promote the secretion of noradrenaline, which in turn helps make you happy. A glass of orange juice a day, can keep the depression away.
  • Nuts. Nuts are high in nutrition and are known to contain ample amount of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and antioxidants.
  1. Walnuts. Walnuts, especially Brazilian walnuts are a great source of selenium, the lack of which is often attributed to depression and unhappiness. Walnuts, like other nuts can also be carried around, so if you are used to biting into a burger for snacks, walnuts might be a great alternative.
  2. Hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are great sources for phytosterol (beta-cytosterol) and antioxidant phenolics. Phytosterol is natural steroids that occur in plants and is known to lower cholesterol and make you more active. Hazelnuts are also great antioxidents.

A good diet with regular exercise is the best way to uplift your mood.