Natural Ways to Treat Diabetes and Lead a Normal Life

Diabetes is a common illness that affects the lives of millions all over the world that belong to age groups ranging from 11 to 71. However, there are natural ways to control it and prevent it from taking over your life.

In order to keep diabetes under check and not allow it to dominate your life you must change your lifestyle and adopt a few habits.

Is all sugar bad sugar?

Only complex glucose should be avoided. Having a teaspoon full of sugar on weekends with your coffee is okay. But having sugar with every cup of tea or coffee everyday can send your blood sugar levels up for a toss. Replace refined sugar with brown ones if you need to use it at all.

What you should eat

Anything that is rich in fiber and anti oxidants is good for diabetic patients. This includes all brown carbohydrates, omega-3 rich fats such as cod liver and olive oil. In fact some fats are essential to dissolve fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin E.

Why is exercise so important for diabetics?

It is not possible for us to do away with all complex sugars and carbohydrates from our diets. However, there are ways to keep the blood sugar level under check. This can be done by working out regularly. Even simple walking for an hour every morning at a brisk pace is good enough for this purpose. The idea is to burn out some of the sugar in your body by using up your energy. Diabetic patients suffer because their pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin which uses the daily intake of sugar in the body. This can be balanced by indulging in cardio vascular or aerobic exercises.

Natural food elements that can control diabetes

Blackberries are very good for diabetic patients. They are very high on anti oxidants, Therefore, including a cup of it everyday as part of your meal is good. Water in which fenugreek has been soaked overnight should be drunk everyday by diabetic patients. Garlic and onions are very good for high blood sugar patients as well.