Cure Constipation Naturally

With the increase in the amount of refined food in our diet, the cases of constipation have gone up as well- to the extent that constipation is considered “normal” by many. The best way to relieve constipation permanently is by increasing the amount of fiber in food and ensuring that the food intake in regular. But there is no denying the fact that in the hectic lifestyle, a quick meal is often the simplest solution.

Try one of these easy home remedies to ease constipation.

Figs: Figs are rich in fiber and you can have 5-6 figs in the morning after dipping them in water.

Milk: Milk itself is a good reliever of constipation, but there are other concoctions you can make with milk as well, which will help you relieve constipation. Almond oil with milk, dates with milk and Spiegel seeds with milk are great home remedies for chronic constipation.

Fruits and Juices: Carrot juice and spinach juice combined is an effective way to relieve constipation. Drinking the juice of two oranges every day empty stomach in the morning is also known to relieve constipation in the long run. You can mix ½ cup of olive oil to ½ cup of orange juice to cure constipation. Half a cup of cabbage juice twice everyday is known to relieve constipation as well. Mango and guava are also known to be a natural reliever of constipation.

Herbal remedies: Triphala is known to relieve constipation, so is charaka. These are ancient concoctions made from select natural ingredients and are used widely to sure digestive problems. Four grams of triphala powder in warm water in the morning can help cure constipation. You can also get triphala and charaka in the form of tablets.

Exercise: Exercise is often the solution to most of the regular ailments. A regular exercise routine with a nutritious meal can help relieve constipation. Walk for an hour after your meals to help your body digest the food. If you are suffering from chronic constipation, you can also try yoga, which has special exercises for constipation, like vajrasana.

Water: Drink lots and lots of water through the day. Early in the morning, drink a glass of warm water with sour lime juice and a teaspoon of salt. It is known to be an excellent cure to constipation. You can have dried ginger powder with warm water, fennel seeds in warm water and Epsom salt with water to relieve constipation as well.