Improve Erections Naturally with this Sexual Vitality Exercise for Men

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition that a high percentage of men will suffer from at some point in their lives. While there are many drugs now available to treat this condition, there are also many natural ways of improving blood flow and circulation of sexual energy that many men don’t know about. Here is a simple exercise for men of all ages that want to improve their erections strength and duration:

1) Sit at the edge of a chair, in a way that your testicles are hanging in free air.

2) Rub your hands together vigorously at least 30 times (or until you feel the heat!)

3) Place your left palm around your scrotum and inhale deeply. Feel the energy in your testicles going up your spine.

4) While your left palm is still around your scrotum, put your right palm on your navel (2 inches under your belly button roughly) and rub it in circular motion for 36 times. Remember to always keep breathing deeply!

5) Repeat Step 2 to 4 while switching hands.

Do this exercise twice a day, morning and night is best. It is better to do this while you’re half-erect or fully erect, but it’s good even if you’re flaccid. This exercise will tonify your sexual energy, improve your testosterone levels and get rid of bottled up sexual chi. Very good exercise for improving your erection quality over time!