Avoid Eye Infections by Taking Three Natural Precautions

Eye infections can affect people in a million ways. One of the most common infections affecting the human eye is conjunctivitis. This can be caused due a variety of reasons including bacteria and virus. The incidence of conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye (because of the color to which the eye changes when one is infected by it) is more common during monsoons because of the increased moisture in the air which makes the conditions more conducive for the bacteria or virus to grow in.

There are many natural ways of treating an eye infection effectively, some of which are listed below:

Wash Your Eyes

Not only should you wash your eyes a number of times during the day with cold water to soothe the soreness, but you should also mix a few drops of chamomile or lavender oil with the water and splash it repeatedly to reduce the infection. Some people also use a few teaspoons of honey to mix with lukewarm water and wash their eyes with the solution. Another solution which is very helpful in reducing eye infections and can be made easily at home is soaking a few jasmine flowers in distilled water overnight and applying this mixture in drops on the eye repeatedly.

Wear Glasses

One of the most effective ways of protecting one’s eye from further aggravating the infection is to wear glasses. Otherwise it becomes difficult to control our instincts of itching and scratching the eye which only increases the redness and discomfort.

Most eye infections are contagious and wearing glasses is also a smart way of protecting others around you from catching it.

Apply Natural Substances

Aloe Vera is a great way to soothe the eye in case of infection. You can mix this with honey and make a solution of cold water with a few clove buds soaked in it. You can store this solution in the fridge for many days and apply it by dabbing your eyes with cotton buds soaked in it. Eyebright herb soaked in boiling water for a night and applied on the eye is also helpful in reducing the infection.