Back Pain Treatment Tips

Back injuries can have serious consequences if they are not taken notice of immediately and treated promptly. Pain of any kind along the back should be looked into to first detect its cause before coming up with an appropriate treatment for it.

Discerning the cause of back pain

It is very easy to injure one’s lower back while working out or indulging in any other physical activity such as cycling, swimming or driving. In fact one can hurt his lower back even while sleeping in an odd posture.

If the pain is due to muscle injury or nerve inflammation hot and cold compress can be a great relief for it. The choice of compress depends on the type of injury and it is best to consult a physician before administering either.

Regardless of the reason for back pain, if you don’t sleep in an appropriate posture things can deteriorate. Therefore, have adequate support under your back and sleep in the right way to avoid or reduce back pain.

Simple home remedies to treat back pain

Ice packs are the easiest and most effective way to reduce back pain, especially if the pain is caused due to injury to the muscles. Hot compress can be alternated with the cold ice packs if directed by the physician.

Although physiotherapy is very useful in curing such injuries, simple free hand stretches and exercises can be practiced from home if the injury is not too severe.

Yoga has been proven to improve pains caused due to muscle tear and nerve inflammation. Back pains can be reduced by doing some of the yoga sans that concentrate on treating the particular area.

One of the main reasons for lower back pain may be lifting something very heavy too quickly. If you are suffering from such an injury it is best to avoid lifting heavy loads till you are completely free of pain. However, if you have no choice, bend your knees while picking the object up to distribute the shock of the weight from your back to your legs.

Massaging the area with warm eucalyptus oil can relieve the pain considerably. However, this should be done only after approval from the physician, as massages can sometimes worsen nerve or muscle inflammations.