Chi Kung Breathing Techniques for increasing Vital Energy and Strengthening Immune System

Chi Kung (or Qi Gong) is a great way of increasing life force within your body. Practiced the right way and on a regular basis, Chi Kung can help heal any kind of  disease or ailment. Chi Kung is really one of the best exercise for a healthy mind and body; externally and internally. It is never too late to begin practicing. If you are sick, you will heal. If you are already healthy, you will attain new mental and physical heights.

Here is a nice Chi Kung Self-Massage that was taught to me by a great TaiChi/QiGong Master in Montreal:

  1. Breathe in, breathe out, Rub your hand together then cover your eyes and move your eyes up & down 36 times then sideway left and right 36 times.
  2. Cover your ears and hit the back of your head 36 times.
  3. Push your face from front to the back 36 times.
  4. Bite your teeth 36 times then breathe in, swallow 3 times then breathe out.
  5. Rub your left shoulder with your right hand clock-wise 36 times counter clock-wise 36 times always left side then the right side.
  6. Your elbow
  7. Your wrists
  8. Your back then coccyx
  9. Your Neck
  10. Your feet
  11. Your stomach
  12. Tap your stomach with fingers 36 times