Childbirth Naturally: Avoiding Artificial Techniques And Medication

Most childbirth these days follows the latest in technology, whereas it should be a natural process. The reasons are ample, but the most noted is the fact that women these days lead a stressed life and have very little time for health and natural food. Here are a few quick tips to ensure that your childbirth is natural with little or no artificial medical help.

  • Exercise: The answer to most ailments is mostly exercise. Women have reduced muscular strength these days because of the lack of exercise. Kickboxing, aerobics and dance classes are great for sexual health and gaining strength around your vaginal opening. There are specific yoga classes as well for pregnant women, where they are trained for labor. Asanas help pregnant women prepare for labor and helps reduce the pain during childbirth.
  • Natural painkillers: Most women are mostly unable to deal with the pain of pregnancy and childbirth these days leading to the administration of painkillers and sometimes surgery as well to deliver the baby (caesarian section). Natural herbs like Wood betony, Papoose Root or Squaw Root and Vervain or Wild Hyssop are natural pain relievers and are available in Ayurvedic stores. Pasque Flower and Raspberry leaves are known to induce natural contractions to help in childbirth.
  • Avoiding complication: According to the World Health Organization, 358,000 women die annually because of pregnancy related complications. They also mention that majority of these deaths can be avoided if the women had access to proper health care and took care of their sexual health. Exercise, diet and regular checkups are the keys to a stress free delivery.
  • Acupressure: Acupressure is recently being considered as a contender to the conventional pharmaceutical drugs. A lot of pregnant women are slowly realizing that natural remedies like yoga, acupressure and natural herbs have lesser post-delivery consequences. Though very few midwife and centers offer acupressure, look for online guidance and massage parlors that will guide you.

A healthy body and mind can lead to a healthy child. Pregnancy and delivery is not supposed to be painful. Avoid too many pharmaceutical drugs to a healthy natural delivery and a healthy baby.