Combining Diet with Exercise is STILL the best way to Lose Weight Naturally

Losing weight can be tricky if you don’t have the proper plan for it. Most people start with a strong mindset, thinking they can lose the weight they gained through twenty years of their life within twenty days. The result is a lot of painful hours spent at the gym for the first ten days and then losing determination, ultimately giving up on the resolution after a month.

A lot of people depend on pills to curb their hunger, protein solutions to alter the composition of their physiology and even starvation or liquid diets to lose weight fast. The truth is that there is nothing called quick weight loss. Our body is used to a certain regime that includes our eating habits, our sleeping pattern and our metabolism. Altering all three together will result in weight loss, but that can only happen over time.

Eat right to feel right

Eating French fries for breakfast and drinking a carton of beer at night will do little to help you lose weight. Cut down on fries to once a week and drink one bottle of beer instead of six.

Eat healthy whenever you feel hungry; which is to say, don’t let yourself feel hungry through the day. Don’t change your meal content completely since taste is as important as nutrition. But make small changes like whole grain carbohydrates instead of the white ones, skimmed milk instead of full fat and the like.

Work out in an efficient manner

Running on the treadmill for an hour as a start to your exercise routine is unreasonable. Your body will not be able to sustain the sudden strain and result in injuries and fatigue. Increase the intensity of your exercise every fortnight to encourage your body to push itself further and avoid a plateau.

Don’t lose focus

Don’t make the weighing machine your best friend. Your aim to lead a healthier life, not a lighter one! So even if you don’t lose weight in the first two months, remember that the change is inevitable. Maybe you are losing inches, or maybe your metabolism is improving. The idea is to stick to the regime and make it a lifestyle.                     

Stay away from pills and potions

Not only are pills and potions that claim to make you lose weight temporary fixes to a permanent health problem of obesity, suffered by 70% of Americans, they also leave harmful side effects in your system which can manifest themselves more severely at a later stage.