Control Your Daily Diet to Keep a Check on Your Blood Sugar Level Naturally

Diabetes can take over your life easily unless you are aware of some of the simple solutions to control it on a daily basis. The best part about following these tips is that none of them involve strong chemicals or drugs that may have adverse side effects on your physiology due to prolonged use.


Start your day by drinking half a glass of fenugreek soaked water that had been kept overnight. This is especially effective in keeping a check on the blood sugar level of people suffering from Type II diabetes.


This is a berry indigenous mostly to Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Although it is often mistaken for blackberries which comes from a completely different family of berries, this purplish black berry is extremely effective in fighting high blood sugar levels when consumed regularly.

Cardio vascular workout

Walk for five miles everyday to burn off a significant amount of sugar in your body on a daily basis. You will also feel a physical difference by indulging in some sort of cardio vascular exercise if you are a diabetic patient. For those who suffer from borderline or low blood sugar levels, it is advisable to carry small quantities of sugar granules which can be consumed instantly if one feels that his or her sugar levels have dropped suddenly.

All carbohydrates are not bad

If you are a diabetic patient, you don’t need to stop consuming carbohydrates altogether. What you should do though is stop eating white carbohydrates which are full of unnecessary complex glucose that add to your blood sugar levels. Therefore, switch to whole grain or wheat cereals, brown breads, brown rice and wheat pasta to continue enjoy your carbohydrates.


Most white alcohol has high levels of glucose which can wreck havoc to your sugar levels if you are diabetic. Therefore, stop drinking any white alcohol. If you cannot live without your occasional glass of alcohol stick to scotch or whiskey. Beer is also best avoided; however, you may have ones that are directly served from the tap since they don’t contain any glycerin, unlike packaged beer.