Easy to Follow Natural Solutions to Your Hair Loss Problem

Hair loss can be a frustrating problem, especially if you are not too old for it. There are many reasons for hair loss including lack of sleep, bad eating habits and polluted environment. Here are some easy-to-follow tips that are completely natural and help prevent hair loss and improve the situation as well:

Water is a natural remedy

Drink plenty of water through the day to hydrate your skin and hair. Remember that hair loss can be the direct result of a dry scalp. Therefore, four liters of water should be regular for you.

The myth about oil

If you have an oily scalp already, adding more oil to it is only going to attract dirt. Washing it off will be harder since leaving traces of oil in the hair is bad. If you have a dry scalp, washing off the oil you have applied will also result in washing off the natural oil of the scalp.

Eating fries will fry your hair

Avoid fried food completely if you can. Remember, that your hair mirrors what you eat. Replace fried food with yoghurt, berries, vegetables, cereals and even chocolate.

Wash your hair properly

Don’t be rough on your hair while washing it. Gently scrub your scalp to get rid of the grime and leave the body as it is. Apply conditioner at the ends of your hair to seal the moisture in.

Wear a hat in the sun

Avoid exposing your hair to the sun directly especially if you live in a tropical environment where the sunlight is too strong to begin with. Wear a hat, wrap a scarf around your head or use an umbrella during the day. In fact avoid using any heat on your hair as much as you can, which includes blow dryers and straighteners. They take away the natural moisture of your hair.

Go for spa sessions

Hair spa sessions do help restoring the lost health of your hair. Therefore, go for sessions every month. Make sure that the products used suit your hair and skin.