Gain Weight the Natural Way

Weight issues are not restricted to obesity or being overweight. There are individuals who suffer from serious malnourishment and underweight issues which need to be addressed promptly before things take a turn for the worse in future.

Here are some natural ways to gain weight without depending on steroids or protein pills which may have grave side effects on one’s health.

Increase the daily number of meals

The best way to gain weight is to enhance your metabolism. This can be done by manipulating the number of meals you consume per day and adjusting what you eat in each of them. Do not stop at one large breakfast, a moderate lunch and a measly dinner. Break down your meals into smaller portions and have one nutrition element per meal.

Include eggs, whole grain bread, cereal, milk, fruits (whole and/or juice) and some form of meat. Bacon is good for those who don’t have cholesterol issues. Otherwise, turkey or chicken can also serve the purpose. The idea of breakfast is to eat portions of all nutritional elements to jump start your day.

Between breakfast and lunch you may include a sandwich, one or two more fruits, and a combination of nuts, salads or even granola bars. The latter not only fills your stomach but it also provides the much needed energy replenishment after the first bout of energy is exhausted through the beginning of the day.

Avoid caffeine, sugar or any complex carbohydrates after sundown. Stick to cereal, milk products such as yoghurt and even soy beans, or tofu. Have a cup of soup a little before dinner.

Consume large portions of proteins and carbohydrates

Fill up your meals with meats such as beef and lamb. Also have loads of fiber rich food such as oatmeal and whole grain carbohydrates. The former builds muscle and the latter cleans out the urea left behind by the protein.

Drink water and work out systematically

Water flushes out toxins and weights during workout adds the protein eaten through diet to the muscles to increase mass.

A combination of the above tips should help increase one’s weight within the first six weeks of following the routine.

  • Rob Stevens

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