How to Naturally Cure Hiccups

Natural Remedy for HiccupsThere are not too many things that your body does to you that are as annoying as hiccups. So what are hiccups? Hiccups are simply your nerves making your diaphragm twitch and then send a ripple effect up toward your voice box. This chain effect makes your voice box close up and you hiccup. Hiccups are not known to be too dangerous, but they are annoying so you want to rid yourself of them as soon as possible. Below are a few different ways to naturally cure yourself from those dreaded hiccups.

The way that you get rid of the hiccups is by attempting to “reboot” your diaphragm. In other words, do something that gives the reverse effect on your nerves.

TopĀ  Cures for Hiccups:

A spoonful of sugar – Sugar has always worked the best for myself. Either by swallowing with a large glass of water chasing it down, or by letting the granulated sugar dissolve under your tongue. The best part about the sugar method is how delicious it can be.

Holding your breathe – Holding your breathe will sometimes cure you from the hiccups. Try holding your breathe as long as you can. I have found that it helps to plug my nose and try to push air out of my ears as well. I keep my chin down tucked into my sternum as well. This way seems to always do the trick for me, but does not leave the same after taste as the sugar method.

Chew on fruit – Papaya and pineapple have been known for years to cure hiccups. The acids in these fruits will put a reverse effect and your diaphragm will be acting normal again.

Sneeze – Sneezing is another fast way to rid yourself of the hiccups. To make yourself sneeze just sniff some grounded peppers and you will be all set.

There are many other ways to get rid of hiccups. For example, sipping on water, pulling on your tongue, and the best is to try and have someone scare you. For more general health cures please follow our Natural Remedies for General Health Category.