Inexpensive Ways to Prevent the Onset of Arthritis


The term Arthritis has its origin in the Greek language and is made up of two parts: “athron” and “itis”. The former means joints while the latter means inflammation, thus giving way to the complete meaning of the term: inflammation of the joints. Although arthritis is commonly associated with old age, younger individuals may also suffer form this condition.

Overexertion, obesity and repeated joint injury are some of the common reasons for arthritis to occur. Although there are a number of pharmaceutical drugs that treat this condition, most of them fail to banish its symptoms and effects completely. It is best to stick to natural remedies in order to prevent the onset of arthritis altogether.

The power of Qi

One of the most effective natural ways to protect one’s self from being affected by arthritis is by practicing the art of Tai Chi. The fundamental theory of Tai Chi is to synergize the energy of the mind and the body of the individual in order to establish perfect harmony.

Qi is the essence of Tai Chi which represents the energy of a person. The Qi is basically a combination of the energies derived from the air breathed in, the water absorbed through consumption and the functioning of the kidney.

Tai Chi believes that together with the mind and the body working together all kinds of sickness can be averted and/or healed by bringing the Qi in balance. This is managed through the slow motions of this form of Martial Art which affects the muscles and the bones optimally to improve digestion, blood circulation and immunity.

Eating habits

Food items that have anti-inflammatory properties are encouraged to be consumed by those who are at a risk of arthritis. This includes green and black tea, olive oil, walnuts and flaxseed as well as salmon. Fruits such as pineapple and vegetables such as turmeric and ginger also help prevent the onset of arthritis.

Hot versus cold

Those who are suffering from early symptoms of arthritis must stay away from cold weather, cold water and cold compress. In fact hot compress must be applied to the joints where mild pain may be experienced.