Maca is very effective in treating various sexual disorders

The main properties attributed to maca by the Andean tradition relate to its positive effects on fertility for both male and female. It is an aphrodisiac, and is also effective against impotence. MACA vigorously fight¸s the negative effects of modern life and age, which cause a general decline in our tone: physical and mental fatigue, lack energy, sleep disturbance, poor concentration, impaired memory.

Moreover, its action on impotence in men (by stimulating the erection process) and the stimulation of libido both in men than in women made it nicknamed by some as the “Peruvian Ginseng”.

Its anti-asthenic type anabolic led body-builders to use it successfully (as Tribulus terrestris) as a natural alternative to anabolic steroid and other hormones.

Its properties to regulate the hormonal cycle will make it a nutritional supplement of choice for:

– Improve PMS
– Improve all disorders premenopause or menopause confirmed (hot flashes, improved skin appearance, decreased vaginal dryness, increased libido and sexual desire, improved emotional balance)

Maca, a dietary supplement, and is used primarily to strengthen the natural defenses more resistant to cold, giving a boost in case of physical fatigue solve certain male sexual deficiencies, improve the fertility of man and woman, fight against the effects of menopause (hot flashes, fatigue, libido problems or memory, headache …).

  • JenniferWhite

    I can vouch for Maca. A powerful remedy for hormonal imbalances.