Mother Nature’s cure to acne and skin problems

Mother Nature's cureAcne is one of the most disturbing skin conditions anyone can have. It not only affects the skin with rashes and painful puss-filled pimples, but destroys one’s self confidence in the process. And in these situations, what is the first thing we do? We experiment with our skin and use all the various products available cosmetically to get rid of acne. But it just makes it worse. If we can simply tap into the natural remedies Mother Nature has left scattered around the globe, the process is simple.

The best way to get rid of acne is to internally cleanse the body. Heard of blood purifiers? They work, but like anything else available in a bottle, they have their share of preservatives as well. The best natural cleansers and antioxidants that you can use to cleanse your system are Indian gooseberries (ask for amla in any Indian shop), dark chocolate (without the sugar and milk) and green tea.

While you can have 2-3 Indian gooseberries a day, indulge in a bar of dark chocolate every weekend. Drinking green tea every morning is a great way to cleanse your system as well. These food items, apart from being great cleansers, also have their own individual nutritional benefits.

Indian gooseberry is great for hair and helps in digestion and flatulence; also helps relieve constipation if taken on a daily basis. Dark chocolate, because of its caffeine content is a great stress reliever. Green tea is great for relieving allergies, cough and cold and is also good for digestion and stress. Papaya and cucumber are great to clear the skin as well, so add that to your regular diet. You can use the papaya skin and seeds as a cleanser as well.

The trick to a great skin is discipline and taking care of it. Clean your skin on a regular basis, 2-3 times a day. If you have an oily skin, cleanse your skin with a mixture of fuller’s earth, turmeric and neem leaves weekly. Reduce the amount of oil and sugar you consume and drink lots and lot of water.

Glowing and healthy skin is right within everyone’s reach.