Natural Remedies to Popular Questions on Healthy Weight Gain Methods

Gaining weight can be a tricky task if you don’t know how to go about it. There are issues other than those related to what one should eat in order to increase hi’s or her own body weight. Metabolism, pre existing medical conditions and age are factors that need to be taken into account while making such a significant change to one’s physiology.

  • How to increase metabolism

 Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns the energy it received via consumption of food. It is important that you burn at least the same number of calories that you consume through your daily meals in order to prevent any extra energy from being converted into unhealthy fat and stored in your body. However, if you don’t seem to see any change in your weight over a couple of months after changing your food habits in order to gain weight, you probably have an already unusually high metabolic rate. In this case you must design your diet accordingly.


  • Is protein the only way to increase body weight?

 This is not true. Protein may help add mass to your muscles but it is definitely not the only food component that adds to your body weight. Carbohydrates contain the much needed fiber that is necessary to flush out toxins like uric acid that enter your body through increased protein intake. Complex carbohydrates are also helpful in increasing body mass.


  • Why is water so important?

 Although water is an absolute necessity to keep one rehydrated, in times of diet change it plays an even bigger role of balancing the change in nutrients in one’s body. Most people start adding protein shakes, meats and eggs to their meals if they want to gain weight. However, water makes sure that one flushes out the unnecessary byproducts of such food products out of the body. Drinking 3 to 4 liters of it everyday is a good habit.


  • Should you stop working out because you don’t want to lose weight?

 The answer to that is quite to the contrary. You must ease up on the cardio slightly and gradually raise the intensity of weights during your workout. This helps channelize the increased protein intake by adding to the muscle mass, and ultimately helping in gaining weight.