Natural Tips to Boost Energy and Lower Fatigue

Fatigue can be a serious problem that not only affects your health, but it also hampers your lifestyle and of those around you. Most people complain of feeling tired constantly after a certain age. This is mostly after 35 when both men and women begin to realize that the erratic lifestyle they led back in their 20s is catching up on their health now.

Natural remedies to get rid of fatigue

Drinking and smoking both pose serious health problems for both men and women. Because smoking thickens the walls of one’s lungs, those who work out cannot indulge in much of cardiovascular exercises which in turn leads to obesity. Smoking also reduces blood circulation in the body which leads to lowered amounts of oxygenation, causing fatigue.

Alcohol is a strong dehydrating agent and can lead to dizziness, fatigue and increase the incidence of blood sugar level. The last factor is especially true for diabetic patients, who are asked to stay away from alcohol or stick to types that are lowest on sugar level (whiskey, scotch, etc).

After the age of 30 our body starts to age faster than usual. For this reason if you have led an erratic lifestyle during your initial years, it is best to counter that effect by taking up regular exercise and consuming Probiotic supplements. Probiotic food products introduce good bacteria into the body which help fight the onset of many illnesses such as arthritis, chronic inflammation (which can later lead to cancer) and even cure problems such as irritable bowel syndrome and constant flu. Therefore, include yoghurt, miso and sauerkraut into your diet.

Change your diet to include more of vegetables and less of red meat. Stick to lean meats like chicken, turkey and fish. Berries are an important part of one’s daily diet for those who are feeling low on energy. They contain high levels of anti oxidants that reduce the incidence of free radicals in the body. Drink at least three liters of water everyday to flush out the toxins and keep yourself hydrated.

Sleep for at least seven hours a day and try not to go to bed at night before three hours since your last meal.