Natural Ways to Curb Your Hunger in Order to Fight Obesity

What you eat affects how much you weigh more significantly than you make it out to be. Therefore, if you are grossly overweight you must control your diet as one of the preliminary actions towards weight loss.

What you eat is more important than how much you eat

This is a hundred percent true. It does not matter if you eat only one meal a day but that is a club sandwich with double cheese slices and a three-scoop ice cream. In fact you may eat as many numbers of times through the day as you feel like as long as you put the right thing into your mouth.

Instead of eating fried snacks when you feel hungry between meals, stick to crackers that have low sugar levels, fruits that are high in fiber and vitamins, nuts such as almonds and walnuts and yoghurt.

Drink lots of water in order to keep your rehydrated and digest the food you eat. Do not eat very close to the time of your sleep at night. At the same time do not eat right before working out.

What you should not eat

You should not eat complex carbohydrates such as white rice, white pasta or white bread. Stick to whole wheat carbohydrates and try to cut down on the carbohydrate intake on the whole.

Stay away from cola, candies, fries and the obvious bad foods that add pointless calories to your body as well as raise cholesterol levels.

What you may eat

It is okay to eat a slice of chocolate cake once during the weekend. If you think you have eaten an extra slice of (wheat dough) pizza then make sure you work it out the next day at the gym. You don’t need to give up on sugar altogether. Simple sugar such as sucrose is in fact necessary to keep your daily energy levels intact. However, you may cut down on too many cups of coffee or tea at work if they contain sugar. Drink fresh fruit juice instead of caffeinated drinks and green tea instead of the regular one.