Natural Weight Gaining Tips

Most people would look back at you with surprise if you told them that you wanted to gain weight. However, the truth is that being underweight is as much of a problem for some people as being overweight is.

The myth about low carbohydrates and high protein

If anyone tells you that the quickest way to gain weight is to cut down on carbohydrates and stocking up on the protein into your diet then he or she knows only half the truth. Carbohydrates are extremely essential in adequate amounts in our body to flush out toxins because they are rich in fiber.

In fact, increasing the protein intake is essential to gain weight. But with this carbohydrates should also be consumed in decent amounts to maintain the uric acid levels in the body from the meat.

Milk and milk products

Strengthening the bones is one of the most essential factors if you want to gain weight. Heavier bones mean heavier body. Therefore, drink at least half a liter of, divided into 250ml in the morning and evening. You may also have yoghurt, cottage cheese and butter in increased amounts as long as your cholesterol levels are not too high.


Working out is a must if you want to gain body weight. However, you must modify your routine accordingly so that your muscle mass increases. This can be done by doing light weights initially and graduating to heavier weights to build muscles from all the protein you are now consuming.

However, don’t give up your cardio vascular exercise routine as this will help you maintain and improve your stamina.

Check for thyroid and other illnesses you may be suffering from

A lot of people complain that no matter what they do they cannot seem to put on weight. This may be because of thyroid problems or the presence of worms in your intestines. The latter is common among those who have pork regularly. Since these worms are parasitic, they absorb all the nutrients you consume, preventing your body from being nourished by them. Attend to these problems first before you start panicking about the lack of result in gaining weight from your efforts.