Raise your health quotient with coconut water

Tender CoconutCompletely exhausted on a hot day? Rather than reaching out for a bottle of cola, take a sip of coconut water. Coconut water, more than being just refreshing has various qualities as well. If you simply just compare it to a bottle of cola, coconut water has far lesser calories, has negligible sugar content and is 99 per cent fat free. If that is not good enough, it is simply natural, has no preservatives and overall increases the health quotient if you make it part of your regular diet.

Coconut water has the perfect combination of elements to re-hydrate the human body. It is an isotonic beverage that is cooling for the body even if it is not chilled. Compared to other drinks, coconut water doesn’t cool the body down drastically, but brings it to a proper temperature perfect for it to perform all activities efficiently. It is a great beverage to have around when you are working out as well.

Coconut water is known to boost metabolism and promote weight loss. By carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells, coconut water is also a great detoxifier and boosts the immune system to prevent virus caused diseases, especially allergies, cough and cold. Coconut water is also widely popular amongst people with diabetes and digestive problems. It not only helps control diabetes, but helps nullify other sugar based food that you might be taking. It helps people with indigestion, gas problems and constipation.

Coconut water is also popularly used for “flushing” the body, like when people have kidney and urethral stones. Being a non-acidic drink, it is known to soothe the acidic content of urine as well, in case of urinary tract infections.

The benefits of coconut are most widely demonstrated by the fact that it is used as IV fluid in developing countries and is attributed to saving millions of lives. Being identical to human blood plasma, coconut water is considered a universal donor. If you compare with the other drinks you have on a daily basis, coconut water is the most beneficial. It is more nutritious than milk, water or even the humble orange juice.

The natural coconut water drink is the most beneficial and refreshing if you are looking at increasing your health quotient.

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