Rely on Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Constipation Problems

Constipation is a serious problem faced by individuals of various ages. It is more a result of bad lifestyle rather than one particular health cause. If the problem is not treated in due time then it can lead to much worse and painful health complications. Therefore, it is best to treat the cause of constipation instead of pacifying the symptomatic reaction caused due to it.

Eat well and eat right

Stay away from red meat or anything that contains high protein and urea if you suffer from constipation. The body has to work very hard to digest this kind of food and it is tougher because of the lack of fiber/roughage content which accelerates the process otherwise. Therefore, if you do eat a lot of meat, make sure that you balance it out with a lot of fiber-rich food such as whole grain cereal, fruits, vegetables and oats.

Papaya and ripe bananas are two of the strongest natural laxatives which should help clear your system if you consume them regularly in controlled amounts. Yoghurt is a very good digestive supplement which helps in breaking down the food that you eat daily. Therefore, a bowl of it mixed with berries such as blueberries, blackberries or even almonds and honey can be a healthy dessert supplement as well as natural digestive enzyme.

Drink water: it is the only way

Those who suffer from constipation should drink double the amount of water that a normal individual does. This means that 12 glasses of water is moderate for a constipated individual. However, be careful to not drink too much of it at one time as this will cause your salt levels to drop which can lead to other problems.

Do not depend on laxatives

Although in times of emergency you HAVE to take laxatives to pass stool, your body quickly starts depending on this artificial accelerator. Therefore, stay away from it and eat food that does the same work instead.

Tune your body clock

Try to pass stool at a particular time of the day so that your body starts reacting automatically to this habit after a few weeks. This will also tune your digestive system under control.