Stop Feeling Tired By Following a Simple Regime Daily

We all feel tired after going through an entire day of grueling work, arguing with parents, cooking for the family and helping our kids through their homework. However, this sensation of fatigue only lasts till we crash into our soft pillows and close our eyes for the night. In the morning we are back to normal and ready to take on the world for another day.

But once in a while there are those who feel that no matter how much they sleep, listen to soothing music or drink a cup of black coffee, the feeling tiredness doesn’t seem o leave them alone.

There is something known as chronic fatigue syndrome which affects individuals who have compromised immunity or even illnesses such as hyperglycemia (also known as diabetes).

Signs of chronic fatigue syndrome:

Sour throat and swollen lymph nodes on the neck or even the armpits are signs of fatigue.

Joint pains without any redness or swelling are another tested indicator of chronic fatigue.

Disturbed sleep, short term memory loss and reduced concentration are sure-shot signs of fatigue.

If more than one of these symptoms recur every few months you must get yourself checked by a physician to check if you are suffering from fatigue.

Alternative treatment to cure fatigue

Ginseng is an herb that is known to cure fatigue effectively. A placebo-backed study has shown that out of 155 people suffering from fatigue who consumed ginseng, more than half of them were able to combat the problem successfully.

Food components such as garlic, ginger, hot peppers, cinnamon, horseradish and mustard, commonly known to generate heat in the body are good for fighting fatigue. However, stay away from caffeine, alcohol or nicotine if you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. This is mainly because the former elements help improve blood circulation which gets rid of the feeling of tiredness whereas the latter bunch only inhibit it, aggravating the sensation of drowsiness and lethargy.

Although those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome don’t feel like doing anything physically active, this is the best time to force oneself into swimming a few laps or jogging three rounds of the neighborhood park to secrete the endorphins needed to feel good about one’s self.