The Natural Remedy Par Excellence: 10 Ways Exercise Promotes Your Health

Exercise is one of the most powerful, effective, inexpensive and proven natural remedies known to humankind. It can serve as both a remedy to what ails us and a preventer to what may ail us in the future, especially later in life.

Years of scientific research has confirmed that exercise improves our mental and physical well-being, our quality of life and the length of time we actually get to spend on earth! It also prevents or greatly minimizes the effects of common, chronic, life-threatening diseases and other conditions.

You name it, physical activity helps it, from weight loss to stemming the onset of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. Let us count just 10 benefits of exercise:

1. Weight Control: Exercise is key to weight management. Use it to reduce your current weight, maintain an ideal weight or prevent excessive weight gain. A consistent routine of exercise maximizes fat loss and maintains muscle mass. Exercise burns off calories. The more intense, the greater the calories burned.

2. Mental Health: It isn’t just physical. Exercise increases feelings of well-being, self-esteem and confidence. It helps relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. And yes, it absolutely stimulates our brain’s neural chemicals, leading to an emotional lift, less stress and feeling more relaxed.

3. Romance: Exercise acts as a subtle form of Viagra! Studies have shown that regular exercise enhances arousal in women and men. It also helps reduce male erectile dysfunction symptoms. A regular exercise program that involves aerobic and strength conditioning helps you to look and feel better…a natural outcome that serves to spark romantic interest.

4. Increased Energy: The physiology of building either muscle or energy is similar. Say that you exercise your biceps with enough weight that adds a little stress to your bicep muscles. During the night, your muscles will naturally rebuild and grow a little larger and stronger so that they’re better prepared for the next round. To build more energy, add cardio or aerobic exercise to your routine. Jog, swim, ride a bike, etc. Engage in activities that require an expenditure of energy. Get yourself a little winded, a little stressed. Viola, your energy stores will naturally increase to prepare you for the next session.

5. Better Sleep: Science has proven that regular physical activity helps us fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer and enjoy deeper, healthier states of sleep. Avoid exercise close to bedtime. As mentioned, it naturally energizes you.

Diseases/Conditions that Exercise Helps Prevent

6. Type II Diabetes: Improves blood sugar, insulin use, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, etc

7. Heart Attacks: Makes your heart stronger, more efficient and healthier; improves your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood flow.

8. Stroke: A meta-analysis of 23 research studies found that regular exercise significantly reduces your chance of having a stroke or dying from one.

9. Osteoporosis: Weight-bearing exercises like walking, dancing, jogging, lifting weights, etc., help you form and strengthen bones, preventing bone loss or osteoporosis.

10. Back Pain: An exercise program built around muscle strengthening and flexibility can help keep back pain from developing in the first place, not to mention reducing or eliminating it altogether.

The above information just scratches the surface, of course. Not convinced? Need more proof? You could probably spend your entire lifetime researching the subject on Google. Better yet, just carve out about 30 minutes or more a day to reap the benefits of exercise. It’s the natural remedy. And it’s only the world’s best way to maintain and improve your lifelong health and well-being.

About the Author

Freelancer Ted Uhler writes for the iNLP Center and other websites and blogsites devoted to health, wellness, fitness, personal development, self-improvement and related topics.