Three Easy Ways to Battle Diabetes the Natural Way

Diabetes can be a crippling disease for those who are not used to a regime in their daily lives. However, one doesn’t have to control every move he makes through the day keeping his sugar problems in mind. Simple precautions and changes in lifestyle can be enough to keep the disease well under control.

Physical exertion

It is very important for diabetic patients, especially those who suffer from hyperglycemia, to go for regular exercise routines. This can be working out at the gym under the supervision of a professional trainer, or simply brisk walking in the nearby park for thirty minutes in the morning. The reason behind this is simple: burn off the excess sugar in the blood.

Eating right

Eating right doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding everything that is sweet for hyperglycemic patients. Pick the complex sugar rich food components in your diet and throw them out. This may include white carbohydrates, fruits such as mango, watermelon and cherries. However, don’t worry too much even if you do consume some of this occasionally. Simply run two extra miles that day or work out for twenty extra minutes in the gym.

For hypoglycemic patients, on the other hand, eating sugar rich food when the blood sugar level is low is not enough. Most glucose-rich food requires digestion time to break them down before the sugar is released into the blood. But for those suffering from low blood sugar levels, instant glucose gratification is necessary. Therefore, the best thing is to have water with sugar dissolved in it.

Boosting the immune system

Most diabetic individuals have trouble healing from any illness or injury. This is because the sugar levels in the blood interfere with the treatment of any other disease. Therefore, it is important to improve one’s immunity along the way.

Consuming lemon can be a great way of boosting immunity, especially against the common cold and flu. Try to incorporate more portions of protein than carbohydrates in your diet as the latter adds to the sugar level of the blood directly. There are immune boosting supplements available as well that can be used for this purpose.