Tips to Gain Weight Naturally


Although most people are more concerned about losing extra weight, there are a chosen number of those who are underweight and would like to gain weight in a healthy and gradual manner. Being underweight has its own set of evils which can affect one’s health in multiple ways other than being detrimental to one’s appearance.

Problems faced by underweight people

If you are underweight and having trouble putting on the required amount of weight regardless of what you eat, check for Type 1 Diabetes or worms in your intestines. Type 1 Diabetes is common among younger individuals who suddenly experience significant weight loss.

Underweight women are prone to suffering from infertility issues and often suffer from amenorrhea. He latter is associated with irregular menstrual cycle because of over exertion.

Osteoporosis is another common health risk posed against people who are underweight. The inability of the body to metabolize calcium is caused by the lack of Vitamin D which in turn is a result of malnutrition.

Eating the right thing to gain weight

Most people think eating more is the solution to gaining weight. The truth is, however, eating right is more effective than eating more. In order to gain weight you must keep in mind your Body Mass Index which is basically a measure of one’s fat percentage compared to his height and weight. Therefore, consuming more calories may be a particular way of gaining weight; but it is not always the best or most effective way of doing the same.

Fruits provide fiber and microelements necessary for the body to perform its daily activities efficiently. Milk and milk products provide the protein and calcium necessary to maintain one’s strength and stamina. Including both these elements into one’s daily diet is essential.

Along with that red meat should also be consumed in controlled amounts for higher protein intake. However, excess of red meat can cause unhealthy fluctuations in the blood urea levels.

Effects of exercise on underweight individuals

Those who want to gain weight can do so the fastest by building on their muscle mass. Therefore, increased weight training and controlled cardiovascular workout routines are recommended for underweight individuals.