Tips to Relieve Breathing Problems Naturally

Breathing problems can be caused due to a variety of reasons. Therefore, before diagnosing the problem it is necessary to determine its cause. If you have chronic asthma then it explains the difficulty you may face in breathing normally. Smoking can cause breathing problems as well. Early symptoms of lung cancer or even walking up an elevation can cause breathing problems.

Although there are inhalers and pharmaceutical drugs that provide relief to breathing problems in patients suffering from this problem, there are natural ways of treating it. Some of these natural remedies work even better than conventional drugs as they treat the cause of the problem more than its symptoms. This is the reason why natural remedies of any kind are known to be causal rather than symptomatic.

Simple remedies to provide relief from breathing problems:

Quit smoking

Smoking is not only highly carcinogenic, but it also reduces blood circulation in the body which in general interferes with the oxygenation of blood, often leading to shortness of breath and dizziness. The walls of the lungs thicken due to pigmentation caused by tar and the thousand other cancerous residues left behind by the tobacco smoke, inhibiting the organ’s ability to function efficiently in pumping oxygen to the rest of the body.

Up the cardio quotient

Even if you work out regularly, you may not be exerting your lungs enough. This is especially true for obese individuals who find it hard to keep up their stamina in case of cardiovascular exercises. Running on the treadmill, walking and jogging on the street or simply skipping using a rope can help exert the lungs, increasing their flexibility.

Indulge in yoga

There are specific breathing exercises in yoga which enhance blood circulation and exert pressure on the lungs causing them to contract and expand more than they usually do.

Drink plenty of water

This not only rehydrates you but also adds oxygen to the body. Drinking plenty of water is particularly essential for individuals living in cold weathers where there is a heater on inside the house all the time. Heaters take away oxygen from the air, causing dehydration quicker.