Top Five Cancer Battling Food Elements You Must Include In Your Diet

We all know the cause and effects of cancer, at least roughly. There is no set cause or treatment of cancer as it can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. However, there are a few things one can do during one’s lifetime to reduce the risk of being diagnosed with it.

There are certain food elements that contain properties which can help fight against the onset of cancer:

Red is good

All the red food elements are good for you. This includes tomatoes that contain flavenoid lycopene responsible for the redness of the fruit and vitamin C which naturally boosts immunity. Red cabbage and red beat are also useful for those looking for anti-cancer food. In fact, these two vegetables are the richest source of flavenoids among all others.

Go berry

Include as much of blueberries and strawberries as you can into your daily diet. Not only do they have anti oxidants which help capture free radicals in the body that may cause cancer, they are also rich in flavenoids. In fact all berries are good for you such as raspberries, gooseberries and grapes.

Citrus fever

Eat oranges by the dozen whenever you can. They contain what is known as limonoids that are responsible for the slightly bitter after taste of the fruit, also known to be a strong anti-cancer element. Other than that oranges are also rich in photochemicals, containing as many as 170 of them. Of course, you can always rely on the natural doze of vitamin C in them as well.

Vote for brown over white

Here is another reason for you to leave all white carbohydrates behind and choose the brown ones instead. Whole wheat grain contains far more useful elements than its white counterpart and is known to prevent breast cancer and forty other types of the disease in those who consume them compared to those who don’t.

Fishy business

Seafood contains more than 72 trace elements which have been scientifically proven to fight against the inset of cancer in those who consume it on a daily basis.