Dangers of Anxiety Attacks and Ways to Prevent Their Recurrence

We all may feel anxious every now and then, especially when we are in the middle of a stressful situation, facing the challenge of performing in a particular task or succeeding in some endeavor. However, there are some people who feel anxious all the time and experience its physical manifestations, which may be embarrassing or dangerous to their lives.

Is anxiety harmful?

Anxiety is a combination of our physiological and mental responses in particular situations. Anxiety is often accompanied with feelings of palpitation in the heart, sweating and chattering teeth. However, when it goes out of control it can lead to choking tendencies, losing consciousness or having a nervous breakdown. Chronic anxiety attacks can lead to hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, and panic disorders.

Depending on the situation, an anxiety attack can lead to dangerous consequences. If you get nervous travelling on the roads, with noisy cars passing by or people pushing o get past you while walking on the sidewalk, a sever anxiety attack can cause you to faint or freeze up while crossing a road with moving cars.

Is there any way of preventing or treating anxiety attacks?

Although anxiety attacks in individuals may not become chronic panic disorders, there are precautionary measures that can be taken after experiencing one or two of them. Nerve soothing pharmaceutical medications can be helpful in the short run, but taking them repeatedly can lead to long term dependency which can in turn lead to insomnia.

 The best way to prevent anxiety attacks from happening is to indulge in psychotherapy sessions which deal the cognitive behavior treatments. This can range anywhere from yoga, hypnosis or simply group discussions with individuals going through the same issues as yourself.

Other natural ways of treating anxiety attacks is to bring about a change in one’s daily diet. Some food elements help in soothing our nerves whereas others agitate them. Caffeine is a nerve agitator and should be avoided by someone prone to anxiety attacks. On the other hand, chocolates, kiwi, milk and milk products and green vegetables are natural antidepressants among food components. Plant species that may also help during anxiety attacks include Gingko biloba, Damiana and St. John’s wort.