How To Post

When you first sign up, you are assigned “Contributor” status, which means that you can post as many articles as you want, but each article will have to be submitted for review first before being published on the site. We do this to keep the site clean and protect ourselves from spammers who will try to post commercial information. However, once you have 5 successfully posted articles, we will upgrade you to “Author” Status, which will allow you to publish your articles immediately, without having to go through moderation.

Posting a new article is very easy. Simply follow these 5 steps:

1) Enter your title (Make it relevant and catchy!)

2) Enter your content. Your article needs to contain at least 100 words in order to be submitted. You can add images or videos to your article by clicking on the appropriate buttons, as displayed on the image below.

3) Choose the appropriate category/categories for your post. (select as many as you deem relevant)

4) Check the “Ready to Post” Checkbox, which will notify the admin that this post is ready.

5) Click the blue “Submit for Review” Button, and you’re done! (it generally takes up to 24 hours for your article to be published, if it meets all our guidelines)