Proven Tips to Cure Insomnia Naturally

Insomnia is a common problem in many people’s lives and needs to be taken seriously to avoid more serious health issues. The reasons for insomnia, or sleep deprivation, as it is commonly known as, can be varied and random. Most of them depend on one’s lifestyle and personal habits.

Although there are pharmaceutical drugs available over the counter that help soothe the nerves and induce sleep, taking them regularly can not only make the body dependent or even immune to them, but also result in serious long term side effects that can lead to other health problems in the future.

Natural drugs for insomniacs

A better way to battle insomnia is to depend on natural remedies and induce a significant change in lifestyle. Among natural drugs, Valerian is an herbal medication that can be availed from over the counter at select countries such as Switzerland and Belgium. It affects the neurotransmitter GABA which is responsible for calming a person down. Taken an hour before bedtime, Valerian works well for patients suffering from insomnia. However, it should not be taken continuously for more than three months. Alcohol should also be avoided while taking this natural drug. Some of its side effects include indigestion, nausea and palpitation.

What you should not take

Although there are a number of natural drugs available that may be taken to treat sleep deprivation, sometimes not consuming certain food products can also help with the situation. Caffeine is the number one sleep killer in most cases. Drinking coffee in the evening is a strict no for insomniacs. Sugar, chocolate and alcohol should also be avoided close to bedtime.

Importance of physical exertion

Physical activities and daily habits play a big role in sleeping patterns. Most people end up sitting at a desk for long hours which does not exert the body enough to be tired. Unless you use up your daily energy your body will refuse to shut down at night. No matter how busy your life is, make some time everyday to work out or physically exert yourself in any way possible.

Most of all, you must realize that insomnia is a disease which can be cured with a combination of natural medication, lifestyle change and a stress free life. Attending to your personal or professional problems should help you gain adequate peace in your life.