Tips to Avoid Joint Pains from Over Exertion during Workouts

One of the most common problems stated by workout rookies is joint pains after working out for a few weeks. This is basically due to three reasons: dehydration, lack of adequate warm up and cool down sessions before and after the workout and overexertion.

Importance of warm ups and cool downs

Warm ups stretch the ligaments and tendons which is absolutely vital to have a healthy workout. Otherwise, sudden stress on the muscle can lead to ligament tears and tendon injuries which will halt the flow of your workout regime for weeks at a time. Cool downs are important to squeeze out the lactic acid that accumulates in our joints from the wear and tear they experience during a workout. This is especially true for weight training and intensity exercises.

Stretching and spot jogging are good warm up options where as yoga is a good cool down.

Tips to follow before and after a workout

To gain maximum result out of your workout (i.e. burn the most number of calories at a time) you must stop eating at least 2 hours before you start exercising. Drinking water between cardio routines is a must in order to remain rehydrated despite the sweating. Drink a cup of milk and sugar free black coffee before starting your workout to burn more calories.

After certain workout routines you must not drink water for about 20 minutes. This includes abdominal crunches and intense weight training. Both burns more calories at a time compared to cardio vascular workouts. However, the muscles are dehydrated after such intense workout because of the water loss. Drinking water immediately after this causes the body to absorb the water doubly fast, which can lead to hypothermic shocks in some cases because of the raised body temperature during the workout.

Free hand exercise to reduce joint pains

If you have a muscle or nerve inflammation, avoid massaging that area. Lightly stretch the area for about a minute or two before relaxing again. Put hot compress on it while rotating the joint lightly. Bathe in warm water for 15 minutes to relax the muscles.