Simple Tips for Pregnant Women to Treat Discomfort

Pregnancy is a big deal for any woman and it should be treated with patience and lots of tender love and care. However, there is no denying the fact that despite being the best thing that happens to any woman, it can also be the most painful and uncomfortable experience that draws out for nine whole months. Therefore, friends, family, partners and husband of pregnant women should do everything in their power to relieve them of their stress.

Work Out to Relieve Yourself of that Bloated Feeling

During the first three months of pregnancy (the first trimester) a woman’s body goes through the most drastic changes that it has never experienced before. Some of these changes can be uncomfortable and painful. One of the most common complaints made by pregnant women is feeling bloated. All the water retained by the body while the fetus is forming can be unnerving.
The simplest way to get rid of this feeling is to indulge in some sensible exercise routine. If you have access to a swimming pool, walk slowly along the breadth of the pool on the shallow side a couple of times. This works on the leg and abdominal muscles. However, while doing this make sure that the water level does not go above your navel as this may put pressure on the womb which is not good.

Watch What you Put into your Mouth

Cravings during pregnancy are common. However, you must refrain from eating certain things. Caffeine and alcohol are strictly forbidden during pregnancy. Those who are dependent on coffee must stick to decaffeinated drinks only. Some food elements can aggravate the feeling of nausea and cause worse situations of morning sickness. However, you will only be able to figure out what you should not eat once you have tried them out. Therefore, don’t restrict your diet too much and simply stay away from things that make you sick.

Keep Yourself Happy

Listen to music that makes you happy and watch movies hat make you feel good. How you feel reflects strongly on the life growing inside of you.