Tips on Treating Anxiety Attacks the Natural Way

For those who are not aware, anxiety attacks can be a serious issue to deal with. Because of the unpredictable nature of these attacks, they largely remain outside the control of the victim, leaving the possibility of inconvenience, embarrassment or even danger to the person’s life.

Ways to detect the onset of anxiety attack

Although there are no absolute ways of knowing when an anxiety attack may suddenly hit you, there may be telltale signs that are typical only to the individual in concern. Heavy breathing due to shortness of breath, constriction of the throat, nervous ticks at certain points of the body, shaking hands or stammering of the speech are some of those signs that can be precedents to anxiety attacks.

If you have experienced more than one anxiety attacks then you may be able to foretell one by being strictly aware of these preconditions, which in turn will help you control it better.

Treating an anxiety attack naturally

Although there are medicines associated with the treatment of anxiety attacks, they are mostly nerve soothers which are more symptomatic. Therefore, medicines for anxiety attacks may control the physical signs such as convulsions or foaming at the mouth, but they don’t necessarily do too much to treat the cause unless the cause is directly related to the nervous system.

Anxiety attacks can be psychological to a great extent. If you are socially awkward, or get nervous easily, this can lead to an attack. Indulging in physical activities is a great way to calm the nerves in a natural way. The serotonin or happy hormone that is secreted in the brain keeps it composed which goes a long way into dealing with situations that may lead to an anxiety attack. Additionally, a physical activity often helps diffuse mental stress and vice versa.

Yoga is a great way to control anxiety as it teaches to control the mind and brings it in sync with the body.

Food that is rich in Vitamin B, C, magnesium and calcium are good for patients suffering from anxiety. Fresh fruits and vegetables are highly recommended for inclusion into one’s daily diet in this case.