Yeast Infection: Prevention And Cure

Yeast infections can be annoying, painful, embarrassing and downright frustrating if undetected. Unlike popular belief, yeast infections are actually very common, especially amongst women who don’t care much about the hygiene of their private parts. It’s not that men don’t face yeast infections, but according to statistics, women are more at risk and worst case scenario, the infection remains undetected for weeks and months.

To ensure that you are not victim of yeast infection, it is important to ensure that you keep yourself clean, especially places where there are chances of infections. Underarms, ankle, vagina and inner thighs are places where yeast infections are common. The most common cause for yeast infection is sweating and then not letting it dry. If you sweat a lot, try taking an antiseptic bath to reduce infections. For that, use neem oil in your bath water and preferably use warm water to take a bath.

Women need to be careful of vaginal yeast infection. They need to take care of their sexual health and ensure their sexual partners are not infected. Also, during periods, it is important to make hygiene extremely important. Clean the area clean and dry and change napkins and underwear on a regular basis. When taking a bath, ensure that you wash the area properly. Most yeast infections happen due to the lack of basic hygiene.

Even after all the preventive measures if you still land up having an yeast infection, try these natural remedies rather than buying an anti-yeast infection cream off a medical shelf.

1.      Garlic paste– This works best for open areas, with stubborn infections. Use spread garlic paste liberally on the infection and let it dry before you wash it off with cold water.

2.      Curd– Curd is another great cure for yeast infections, especially vaginal yeast infections. Dip a tampon in curd and apply on the inside of your vagina. Do it twice a day till the symptoms disappear.

3.      Tea tree oil– Also a popular remedy for acne and dandruff, tea tree oil is a great ingredient to soothe yeast infections. Again, the oil can be used in the vagina as it is also known to provide some relief from the itching and burning.

While there are many allopathic remedied to yeast infection, the best and safe cures come from nature.