Avoid Antibiotics to Cure Eczema by Trying Natural Solutions

Eczema is a skin condition that affects around 1% of the world’s population and is very common in developed countries. It is characterized by dryness and flakiness of the skin in mild cases and inflammation and redness in serious instances. Although there are no sure shot solutions for patients suffering from this skin problem, there are ways of controlling it and treating its symptoms to relieve the individual of his or her suffering.

Although there are antibiotics and cortisone medications that are prescribed to eczema patients, taking them on a regular basis can cause side effects and long term health problems.

A little bit of sunshine is good

Although patients suffering from eczema are advised to use sun blocks and avoid exposure to the direct rays of the sun, a little bit of sunlight is good for the body. A healthy generation of Vitamin D and melanin formation can do wonders to those suffering from eczema. However, you must take care to not overexpose your skin so as to end up suffering from blisters and sun burns which can worsen the situation.

Vitamins C and E are your best friends

It is proponed that Vitamins C and E are good for the skin in general, and valuable especially to patients suffering from eczema. Try consuming fruits high in these two vitamins. Oranges and tomatoes are the best in this situation. However, if there is a potential of you being allergic to any of these fruits, first consume them in small quantities and observe if there are any drastic reactions to your skin before making them regular to your diet.

Drink tea and avoid caffeine

Herbal or green tea is recommended for those suffering from eczema. Basically avoid tea that contains tannin. The anti oxidants in herbal tea help improve skin conditions.

Indulge in physical exertion and massages

Exercise is the best way to improve blood circulation which in turn helps in skin regeneration. This can be very useful for patients of eczema. If you are not allergic to coconut oil, mix it with honey and apple cider vinegar and use this as a massage for your body to improve the state of your skin condition.