Natural Elements for Regular Skin Nourishment Regime

Most people realize that they need to take care of their skin only after they face a problem with it. Acne, oily skin, black and white heads, flaky skin and patches are some of the common problems faced by people at some point of their lives or another. However, some of the serious skin problems such as eczema, liver patches and pigmentation need more care than usual.

Although there are countless skin nourishment products in the market that claim to treat specific skin types, most of them are symptomatic and only work for a limited time period after which the skin develops immunity to the composition of the product, rendering it useless. It is better to stick to natural solutions to avoid unnecessary chemicals on the skin and treat the problem from its root.

Natural black head removal tip

Grind some lentils and mix it with milk and honey to make a rough paste out of it. Rub it on the areas affected by black and/or white heads until the pastes dries up on the skin before washing it off with cold water. You may also use bananas mashed with honey for this purpose. However, you have to follow this regime regularly to see its effects.

Treating acne problems using home remedies

Camphor mixed with sandalwood powder and rose water is a perfect face mask for treating acne problems. However, this will only treat the problem symptomatically. The real problem may be more deep rooted such as internal digestive problems. Drinking water helps flush out toxins and eating salads and fruits instead of fried fast food goes a long way into keeping pimples at bay. There are topical medicines made from organic and natural elements which can also be applied if diagnosed by a dermatologist. Ensure that the product has salicylic acid in its composition which is a necessity for acne removal.

Lifestyle change

Flaky or dry skin combined with oily forehead can be eliminated by indulging in some physical exertion regularly to improve blood circulation and boost immunity which can go a long way to provide a healthy glowing skin.