Tips to Boost Your Daily Energy Levels

Do you feel tired right from the time that you get out of bed? Do you feel like going back to sleep instead of feeling like you are ready to take on the world when you wake up in the morning? These symptoms may be trying to tell you that even though you have slept for the proverbial eight hours at night, your body is still tired and your mind not fully restored to its original vitality.

Change your sleep cycle

You may be sleeping for eight hours a day but your sleep cycle is from 3am to 11am. But the restorative functions of your body begin from 11pm and go on till 6am following the natural light cycle. Therefore, if you don’t give yourself a break during this period, your body cannot perform important functions such as digestion as efficiently it can if you sleep at a more decent time.

Incorporate alkaline diet into your meals

Alkaline food items such as green vegetables, beets, fruits and nuts are great for keeping a balance in your energy levels throughout the day. Stay away from refined sugar as this disturbs the blood sugar level of the body causing more fatigue.

Stay away from nicotine, caffeine and alcohol

Nicotine inhibits blood circulation, thus preventing adequate oxygen from reaching the various organs of your body. This reduces energy levels in your body. Caffeine induces stresses hormones into an overdrive which makes you feel the sudden rush of energy. But this action also causes you to burn out sooner. Alcohol dehydrates you and also causes the nerves to go to sleep.

Enjoy some time alone

It is important that you spend half an hour indulging yourself. You may read a book, take a walk, cook up a meal or simply do nothing in your bedroom.

Breathe through your stomach

Sit with your back straight on a hard chair and breathe in through your nose, releasing the air through your mouth making a slight O with your lips. You should feel your diaphragm squeezing the last drop of air out and expanding till you cannot take in any more air. This will provide adequate oxygen in your body.